A comprehensive E-portfolio integrated with Institute ERP Systems.
Logmate is a one stop solution to assist training providers in departing evidence-based learning and to manage;
  • Tracking learner’s progress
  • Compile data for accreditation process
  • Provide CPD courses for staff
  • Manage Human Resource
  • Manage financial accounts
  • Rapid access to daily assessor and learner specific reports

The Logmate Experience!

A comprehensive solution to cater for all the needs of training providers, especially, offering National Vocational Qualifications and Apprenticeship Trainings. The modular structure of Logmate allows the training providers to choose the modules they require and customise for their institute. Let the technology work for you!

Compliance Management

Any government-approved organisation must assess apprentices towards the end of their apprenticeship. This end-point assessment ensures apprentices achieve the skills, training and any qualifications necessary to complete their apprenticeship. Keeping track of all compliance key maps in a contract can be time consuming and resource hungry. With our built-in compliance manager, once the milestones have been defined for a contract, all the learners belonging to that contract are automatically tracked and a log of all the data submitted is kept secured and readily available when needed.


An e-portfolio specially built ground up for institutes offering evidence based learning programs. From designing courses and defining the learning outcomes, the e-portfolio module provides a use friendly platform to develop and design courses to the learners. With dedicated learner portal, each learner gets a dedicated portal to monitor progress, view course content and learning plans and to submit evidence against the outcomes. To streamline communication Assessor and Verifiers get dedicated portal to monitor all the assigned learners and to provide timely feedback.

Institute ERP

To cater for all the IT requirements of an institute, the system is built with modules to cater for HR, Accounts, Inventory management and Internal communication between institute, staff and learners. The interconnected structure allows for modules to automatically fetch data in order to function as per the institute’s requirements.

Logmate Learner App

The Logmate learner APP makes it convenient to upload files, record video, audio and images and to link it with the outcomes. Available for IOS and Android platform. Contact sales for more info on the addon logmate APP.

The Overall Package

Need more reasons to choose us


Hosted on ISO 27001 compliant servers, your data is safe and backed up daily for added safety and peace of mind.

Web based

Available everywhere and across different platforms. All you need is internet to access the system.


We understand that different institutes have different requirements, and one fits all solution doesn’t work. This is why we offer customisation option to match your exact needs.

Data Migration

For cases where you might want to migrate your old data to the system, we now offer data migration services at affordable rates.

Custom Reports

Business analytics play an important role in institute development. We offer custom reports as per your business needs.

Tech Support

We offer both online and offline tech support. Online tech support is available 24/7 to cater for urgent issues to be resolved.


We can assist with development of custom training module in language that you require for online or offline staff training.

Save environment

With the system offering a complete paperless environment, reduce your stationary costs and be eco-friendly.


For institutes that want system to reflect their brand, system is customised to reflect their branding.


For staff CPD, the system offers a learning management system to deliver and record all the CPD courses carried out by the staff.


With the built in internal messaging and SMS messaging system, keep communication flowing between institute, assessors and learners.

Additional services

With the built in internal messaging and SMS messaging system, keep communication flowing between institute, assessors and learners.

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