Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Custom built solution for the institute

Custom built solution for the institute

We understand that one-fits all solution might not be the best solution for your organisation. The tech team behind Logmate has vast experience when it comes to developing custom solutions for varied domains. This gives us competitive advantage when it comes to customising the software or developing products around it.

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Tailored Solution

Procedures and processes play an important role in success of an organisation. We understand that your processes are important to you and having a system that is moulded to your needs is crucial for you and your team to function at your optimal level. That is why we don’t want you to settle for a solution and offer customisation options to make the solution a perfect fit for you.

Your Success is our success

We want our enterprise clients to think of us as their own in-house team and offer 24/7 tech support, dedicated client manager on call or on site whenever needed, and availability of team on standby for those accreditation visits is just few advantages we offer to our enterprise team.

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Course Development

With backing of panel of educationalists, Logmate team can also offer services when it comes to course content development, assessment plans or in general setting any institutional goals related to that. If interested in developing short course, training material, CPD courses or just need guidance in general, please contact your dedicated account manager to explain how we can provide assistance to you.

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