ERP Features

A single solution to manage all your needs

An integrated enterprise resource planning module with inter-linked core business processes. From human resource management dealing with pay scales, promotions, course allocation, leave cycles to financial accounting dealing with salaries, learner’s fees and general organisation’s incomings and outgoings. An inventory software to keep track of all the consumables and non-consumables in the organisation to have a clear picture of institute’s physical resources. A comprehensive customisable solution to mould to your current processes.


Manage staff, their allowances, deductions, promotions, pay scales, staff attendance and receiving online leave applications to scheduling the smooth working of the organisation.


Integrated financial accounting package to keep track of all the income and expenses of the organisation. Automated generation of chart of account, trial balance, online ledger and balance sheet to save accountant’s time.

Stock Management

Keep track of suppliers, cash and credit purchase, stock distribution, daily, monthly and yearly stock reports to keep all the stakeholders updated with the institute inventory.


Create courses for staff member’s continuous professional development (CPD) and record when and how they performed for compliance and continuous staff development. Option to have video or digital courses to be created with few clicks.

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