A partner you can trust

We understand the importance of strategic alliance and believe in combining expertise with other organisations for mutual benefit.
There are three ways to be our partner. Depending on the type of partnership type, we provide complete setup to get you up and running in shortest time possible.
If you’re not sure which one is best for you, contact us.

OEM Partners

White label service is the most popular in IT sector, in particular in the field of software. White label of product allows you to sell your own brand.

Full customisation services is offered to tailor the software and any associated service offered required to get it all set up for you (from website to development of training course materials).

Ideal for entrepreneurs wanting to start their busness in field of edutech and want a turnkey solution.


For established companies that are already working in the field and want to expand their product line.


Resellers resell all or part of the Logmate product portfolio.

Resellers are responsible for the whole sales life cycle, and also for providing professional services to support training, implementation, technical support and maintenance of the products.

Training is provided to reseller teams along with any technical assistance required.

Ideal for established companies wanting to strengthen their client relationship.

Program does not require a lot of investments; you can purchase licence for your users as and when required.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are typically consulting or technology based companies which understand the benefits our solution can bring to their customers or other companies within their network, thus recommending it to them.

When opportunities are identified, Referral Partners can contact us and we will conduct the next sales process.

Referral Partners earn referral fees for sales that result from any new lead they generate. Fees depends on the type of lead generated.

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